Stockholm lorry attack – tribute day after


1maj 2014 – FI demonstration i Tanto.


Motdemonstration 9 Nov 2013


Stockholm 9 November 2013


Barack Obama in Stockholm

Jonas Sjöstedt 1maj tal i KUngsträdgården 2012

Soppkök i Stockholm 15 April 2012.

Håkan Juholt – Socialdemocratic party leader resigned yesterday 22 January – just 10 months after his election. Pano from Falun 1 May 2011 shot for Dagens Nyheters Ipad Edition DN+


Police clashes close to Stockholm Royal Castle 10 December 2011.

Occupy Wall Street activists talk with bank economist Claes Hemberg


Occupy Sweden demonstration 15 Okt 2011


SSU demonstration a week after terrible events in Norway .